What an accident has taught me about life

To make a long story short, on 15th of February, 2020 I have had an accident on cross-country skis – yes you can. We have never been skiing, but we were with a family that knows the stuff. When I was sliding down the designated trail, at some point I lost my balance and fell to the left side. I knew that something bad happened as it hurt a lot. I was transported by medical helicopter to the hospital 40 km away.
Diagnosis –
subtrochanterical femoral fracture with multiple bone fragmentation. Surgery using intermedullary pin and four stabilizing screws. After a week I was discharged from the hospital.


Sick leave, crutches, rehabilitation. I had a lot of time to think.


What did it teach me?

1. I am not immortal

I have never had any major injury or fracture. I have underestimated having two private insurances – what could happen to me? This could happen to any one of us. We don’t know the day or time. Even at home, something can go wrong – it is just a moment that can change your life.

helicopter, mountains, snow

2. I was not grateful for my life

I was lying with another patient. We talked and he said that maybe I needed this accident to stop for a while and thank for what I have. Every day, people don’t think about it, that they can freely walk. That they have hands, good eyesight or hearing. See how many people would give away a lot to have such convenience! Just be grateful for what you already have – it is a known method to raise your vibration and become a happier person.

3. There will never be a perfect moment

In September 2019 I have started working out in a gym, I wanted to improve my body to feel better. I got engaged 2 years ago and we have a wedding date on June 2020. We bought a trip to Zanzibar on a honeymoon. After an accident we had to cancel the trip we dreamed of as doctors advised that 11 hours of flight may be very uncomfortable just 4 months after a surgery. We knew that our wedding party can be very different now as I would not be able to dance. As of writing date, we are not even sure if our wedding will happen because of COVID-19.
For several years I wanted to have my own website, where I could publicly present my goal live and try to achieve it, while engaging others so that they can also fulfill themselves.

Now is the moment, we do not know what future will bring us.

4. Do not think "what if"

After the accident, I was angry that, despite reluctance to winter sports, I went. You never really know what would happen if I didn’t go skiing, but for example to the swimming pool. Second thing, the whole trip to the mountains. I was also wondering what would happen if we did not go there at all (after all, there would be no skiing accident, through which I now have mobility problems). This is a wrong way of thinking – we can not really know what could happen if we would do something else. It is often said that we are wise after something happens, that next time we will draw conclusions from it and not make this mistake. I only know that I will never put on skis again because the fun / risk ratio isway  too low for me.


And you, did you have an accident that taught you something, changed your priorities or destroyed your dreams?

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