The General Report – May 2020

What do your reports take into account?

  • Cash/Debt
  • P/E
  • CAPE
  • Dividend Payout Ratio
  • Forward Dividend Yield %
  • Dividend Cut Ratio
  • Financial Strenght Ratio
  • Profitability Ratio
  • Valuation Ratio
  • 5-Year Median ROE %
  • Price to Graham Number
  • Price to Peter Lynch Value
  • Price to Tangible Book
  • 3,5,10-Y Dividend Growth %
  • 3,5,10-Y Net Profit Growth %
  • Years of Continuos Dividend Payments
  • Estimated EPS Growth % for the next 3 years

What do "DGI", "VP and "score" mean?

DGI stands for Dividend Growth Investment, which calculates the value of a stock mostly by its dividend ratios. The highest weights are its safety, current financial strength and company’s growth of its profits and dividends.

VP is a shortcut of Value Price and focuses mostly on stock’s current price in relation to its value.

Score is a sum of above two, which gives the overall score of stock’s value.
Be aware that I do not blindly buy stocks that have the highest score, but I always check if it’s an ADR (mainly of countries from Asia or Latin America), news, charts, current exposure to industry and sector, company’s website.

Why are outside US companies high in ranking? They have good indicators, but also higher risk. You can ignore them if you are not interested.

Green rows are Dividend Aristocrats.

So what are the results as of may 2020?

The detailed Reports are available at the bottom of the page.

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[table id=38 /]

See the Reports (full resolution) for specific Industry:

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